About the Project

Inanimate Alice is an ongoing digital novel, an interactive multimodal fiction, relating the experiences of Alice and her imaginary digital friend, Brad, in episodes, journals, and other digital media. Episodes 1-4 of the series were written and directed by Kate Pullinger and developed by digital artist Chris Joseph as a prequel to an original screenplay by series producer Ian Harper.

There have been six consecutive episodes created to date, with Episodes 5 and 6 developed by digital artist Andy Campbell from scripts by Kate Pullinger, from a planned story arc embracing a total of 10 episodes spanning Alice’s life from age 8 through to her mid-twenties. The viewer experiences a combination of text, sound and imagery and interacts with the story at key points.

Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads, a Co-production between Mez Breeze Design (Australia) and Bradfield Narrative Designs (Canada) – with investment from Canada Media Fund and Screen Australia – is a spinoff story in a Virtual Reality format. Perpetual Nomads reflect the essence of the franchise: how our protagonist Alice strives to remain upbeat in the face of a challenging world filled with global upheavals and geographic displacement.

Inanimate Alice has been used as an example of a digital literacy resource and incorporated into literacy and digital curricula, particularly in the United States and Australia. It has also been widely recognised as an early example of transmedia storytelling.

In 2012, Inanimate Alice was named a Best Website for Teaching & Learning by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).


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