Snappy is a unique and easy to use tool for putting together visual stories.
It's free!

Snappy can be used to create interactive presentations and digital photo stories. All it requires is a PC running Adobe AIR (see below).

Add your own digital photos, audio files and text. Choose a layout and style for each page. Add a caption to each photo. Your presentation will be saved while you are working. Once you have created a presentation, you can view it in an internet browser, or print it to share with others.

Snappy is an Adobe AIR application. You can download Adobe AIR from: You need AIR before Snappy will work.

Create a new folder on your computer. Inside it, put all the audio and image files you want to use.

Images used in Snappy must be JPEG files. Audio files must be MP3. Take a look at the Inanimate Alice Digital Assets to find suitable material.

Download Snappy and run the application.