Episode 6 – The Last Gas Station

The story of a girl growing up dreaming of one day becoming a computer games designer, Inanimate Alice is told over ten increasingly complex episodes which reflect her age and skill.

Alice is nineteen in Episode six. She’s at college and working at the gas station on the outskirts of the city, striving to make ends meet. Late in submitting her college work, Alice stumbles from one crisis to another…

My name is Alice. I’m nineteen years old, and I work at a remote gas station just outside the city. I’m up against the clock to deliver my latest college assignment before the deadline, but as usual things aren’t exactly going to plan. I’m surrounded by clutter and paperwork, bombarded by alerts and text messages from my boyfriend and my dad. The last thing I need is a mysterious customer turning up in a gas-guzzling sports car…

Offering a unique approach to interactive storytelling in a 3D game setting, Episode 6 brings the Inanimate Alice series to a spectacular new frontier.

Recommended spec requirements: computer or laptop running a dedicated graphics card, 8GB RAM+ and speakers or headphones.


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