Inanimate Alice and the demise of Flash

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Followers of developments in technology will, no doubt, be well aware of the coming demise of Adobe’s Flash. Although Adobe will continue to support Flash through late 2020, browser access may well cease on some platforms before then. Consequently, we are recommending that those educators who are currently relying on materials from the browser procure licenses for the products they need ahead of those changes taking place.

The Teachers Edition Suite is the mainstay product that has been enjoyed by educators and their students for almost a decade. It is heartwarming to hear from those early-adopters who regularly revisit Alice and her adventures. We are always keen to hear, so if that refers to you, please do write and tell us of your experiences.

There are considerable benefits for those purchasing the Teachers Edition Suite which is yours to keep in perpetuity. Regular users will enjoy the efficiencies of having the materials available at the touch of a button, working off-line (no internet access necessary).

A rebate is available for those who wish to purchase the Teachers Edition Suite and have previously purchased Episode 5 as a standalone item.

Rebates are also available for those upgrading from a single user licence to a classroom licence. In both instances please contact us to claim your rebate code.

Discounts for school/district licences are available by negotiation.

Ian Harper
Series Producer

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