Inanimate Alice tells the story of a girl growing up dreaming of becoming a game designer one day. Uniquely, it is a tale of progressive complexity, each episode reflecting Alice’s age and digital competency as she grows up.

First meet Alice age 8, drawing a stickman and taking photos to send to her Dad. Grow up beside her through school and college during which time she hones her artistic and technological skills, relentlessly pursuing her dream.

Classrooms around the world are now using Inanimate Alice as an across-the-curriculum approach to teaching and learning. This is a story for teachers and students who wish to explore the nature of ‘born digital’ narratives. Free from the constraints of print formats, the text becomes dynamic, driving the story forwards, and the ambient sounds complement the immersive nature of the story.

The format targets students 10-14 years of age: colourful magazine pages attract younger students, while the later episodes explore more complex themes. Resources and activities help teachers integrate Inanimate Alice into the curriculum.

This is a story of exploration. An adventure. Take a look at the timeline of Alice’s adventures and find the best place to start for you.

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Perpetual Nomads

Alice Field is back in a special Virtual Reality Adventure spanning the gap between Episodes Six and Seven of the award-winning Inanimate Alice series. Stuck on a broken down Autobus and finding herself alone in the middle of the desert with a rapidly dying phone battery, what’s Alice supposed to do?

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