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At long last we have a new Inanimate Alice website – Welcome! As you will see, we have positioned details of our current production, Perpetual Nomads, front-and-centre on the site, with a link through to the dedicated Perpetual Nomads domain that will grow as the project unfolds. There is a whole lot that’s new here, so it is to be hoped that you find the journey just as exciting as the team behind it does.

Who would have thought we would be on this trajectory when we first started out? It is fascinating to consider that we are now working on Alice’s adventures when she is nineteen years old – eleven years on from her age in the first episode – when it is eleven years, almost twelve, since we produced that first episode. What has happened, we have learnt in retrospect, is that we have grown with Alice. As she has grown up, our knowledge of tools and techniques, all the things she would need to know as she works relentlessly towards her career goal, has improved. The episodic structure has evolved from what now seems a quite straightforward two-dimensional story format through the introduction of three-dimensional elements, fully immersive 3D and now Virtual Reality.

It has been something of an eye-opener relating Alice’s latest adventure and introducing the concept of a reading experience in Virtual Reality especially discussing it with those who think of narrative as a strictly linear experience. It is gratifying to hear reactions to this latest development along the lines of “Oh, I get it now” when this further dimension to the progressive complexity of the narrative is mentioned. It seems that harnessing the wave of enthusiasm for the latest technology has caused many to grasp what preceded it, questioning how exactly had Alice arrived at this point in time.

However, what may appear simple and straightforward for some requires “a big stretch” and “a steep learning curve” for many teachers. Recognising that, we have taking the opportunity to redesign the access to Alice’s adventures, putting them all on a timeline on the Adventures page. It is to be hoped that this provides a logical route-map to the progressive complexity that underlies Alice’s journey.

Finally, developer Andy Campbell and Professor Ana Machado together with colleagues will be presenting “Inanimate Alice – The Story of the Series and its Impact in Portugal” at the Electronic Literature Organisation’s Conference in Porto later this month. Andy will be bringing the audience up to date with the latest developments and revealing a little VR while Ana will discuss episode translations and reaching teachers and students in Portugal. Alice will also be participating in an E-Lit for Kids exhibit.

We look set for exciting times over the coming months and hope to share the journey with you.


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