Perpetual Nomads

Stuck on a broken down Autobus and finding herself alone in the middle of the desert with a rapidly dying phone battery, what's Alice supposed to do? Who can Alice trust to help her charge her phone, fix the AutoBus and get her on her way back home?
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Ep. 6: The Last Gas Station

At nineteen, Alice is struggling with college while also working at the gas station, striving to make ends meet. Up against a deadline for submitting her game, Alice stumbles from one crisis to another.
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My Gap Year Travels

Freedom! At eighteen Alice takes a gap year and travels from Jakarta to Tokyo via jungle school and a host of other places. She soon finds out that a little language learning goes a long way.
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Ep. 5: Hometown 2

Sixteen year old Alice, now an aspiring game designer, is used to being constantly on the move. Now she finds that the so-called stable hometown life she yearned for is far from perfect. Bored and restless, she skates into deep trouble.
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Ep. 4: Hometown

Alice is fourteen and living in a small town in the middle of England that her parents call home. On a dare, she climbs into an abandoned building and finds herself suddenly trapped and alone.
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Ep. 3: Russia

Thirteen year old Alice is hiding as her parents argue with angry men about a business venture gone bad. Threats of kidnapping or worse force the family to flee their home in the middle of the night.
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Ep. 2: Italy

Alice is ten and her parents haven’t returned to the Alpine chalet. Worried and alone, she ventures into the dark night and blinding snowfall – a dangerous mistake.
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My Adventures in Australia

Alice’s parents have relocated to Melbourne and nine year old Alice is not sure how she feels about that. She thinks she might have left her digital friend Brad in China. Has he disappeared for good?
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Ep. 1: China

Alice is eight and her dad has gone missing. As she and her mum search the remote and barren landscape they call home, a mysterious voice in Alice’s head says "Go that way."
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