Inanimate Alice - The Big City
In my educational technology courses for teachers, we discuss digital literacy and transmedia storytelling. Inanimate Alice is THE example I give my teachers of how storytelling can connect with media, learners, and communities. I have yet to find another educational tool that compares to the extensive stories, videos, and curriculum in Inanimate Alice.
Associate Professor, School of Education, Iowa State University
I think what makes Alice so special is the strong narrative that allows for deep reading, conversations that move into critical reading, prediction, a shared experience between readers who are anticipating what might happen next and then designing and writing their own 'next' episode.
School of Education, RMIT, Australia
I love the visual presentation and engaging activities that keep my Deaf students and reluctant readers so engrossed that they forget it is learning!!
Henderson Mill Elementary School, Georgia
My students have been so highly engaged and can’t wait to do more! They even wanted to know if they could do it at home, and that is unheard of in our school community!
Laurentian Senior Public, Ontario
I have been a massive fan of Inanimate Alice for almost 6 years now. It is the only resource that has travelled with me from Grade 6 to 7 to 8 and currently in Grade 2. A fantastic teaching tool.
Valley Way Public School, Niagara Falls, Ontario
I love how the language is so supported by the graphics that even beginner English language learners can understand it!
Antwerp International School
I’ve been using ‘Inanimate Alice’ in classes for some years now, with classes of all ages and abilities. Engagement with Alice’s story is impressive and students are desperate to find out what happens next. Their creativity is tested to the full and they are challenged to use skills and strategies which they may never have used in English – animation and audio-visual tools, for a start. Working on ‘Alice’ allowed classes to collaborate in a way which made me, the teacher, superfluous. And their final product was often breathtakingly good. What more could we ask for as teachers?
Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, Scotland
I just started the program with my 7th graders yesterday and they are hooked! Today they have all asked if we could work on it; not something you usually hear from 7th graders. After viewing the Alice stories and discussing what makes a good digital story, the students will be creating a digital story about our town – Lakewood, Ohio – in whichever literary genre they prefer. I am finding your teacher resource material helpful and focused.
Harding Middle School, Lakewood, Ohio
I am a Library Media Specialist and just wanted to let you know that I am using your site in a presentation I am doing at the Digital Literacy Institute at the University of Rhode Island on July 14-18 in Providence, Rhode Island. I am speaking about the teaching I have done with Inanimate Alice and the multitude of ways it engages students and stimulates learning. I have had such fun and success using Alice’s story in the classroom, and I hope to encourage many others to get involved with it as well. Thank you for creating such a wonderfully innovative form of storytelling and for the education support materials that are so helpful!
Cashion Public Schools, Oklahoma
My 2 reading classes and I are so hooked on Inanimate Alice. Is there an episode 5... will there be more episodes to come? This is just a wonderful and innovative way to get students engaged and into reading and understanding multimedia elements and how they add to the beauty of the text. This has been a lifesaver for the end of the school year when it’s easy to lose the kids’ attention. I have begun making smartboard lessons to go along with each episode... suggested vocabulary. I’ll e-mail them to you when I think they’re good enough.
Will Beckley Elementary School, Nevada
I have used the series as an end-of-the-year activity for the past two years. I have created literacy questions for episodes 1-3. I have students watch episode 4, and then answer two short essay type questions. As a final activity, I have students write and produce their own episode 5. It is a perfect activity to complete our year. Students are very engaged while working on the activities. The grade level is 7th.” The following year... “And yes, once again, Alice is providing a quality ending to my 7th grade students’ reading curriculum. Love Alice – perfect end of the year work: focused and fun!
Reading Specialist, Mt. Angel Middle School, Oregon
My class at Wakefield has been using Inanimate Alice the past few weeks and I think it was probably us that spiked the usage for the loop. 🙂 I have 38 year 5/6 students in my literacy group and they are so into Inanimate Alice. I decided to use it in my programme to try to engage the students that ‘don’t like reading’ but they can’t get enough of it now, both online and reading the text only version. The story line offers many options when it comes to guided reading or follow up activities. Some of the reluctant readers have shown a real change in attitude towards reading which has been a great start to the year!
Wakefield, New Zealand
21st century schools must keep up with technology, engage students and create life-long learners. Inanimate Alice does it all. Inanimate Alice is a wonderful combination of audio and visual text features which lures in reluctant readers and leaves them wanting more. Thanks to Inanimate Alice, I was able to bridge the gap and take students from averse, to reading with enthusiasm, in a short period of time!
Grade 5 Teacher, Morse Pond School, Falmouth, Massachusetts
I wanted to let you know you all are doing a wonderful job! Teachers and students alike love Inanimate Alice, and it’s especially good to use with our reluctant readers.
Gloversville Middle School, New York
I am so proud of the students’ work but even more so, they are so proud and empowered. That, I think, is the greatest reward!
Halton District School Board, Ontario
I’m pretty passionate about the project, as I used it in a unit of teaching for the full registration process that graduate teachers have to go through. So, Inanimate Alice helped me get my full registration.
7D Learning Advisor, Victoria, Australia
I want to praise @InanimateAlice for being THE best non-coding related educational tool I have ever used because of how it engages my students. Nothing quite like a character to lead them in.
ICT Co-ordinator, Royal Masonic School, UK