Inanimate Alice - The Big City
Teaching and Learning with Inanimate Alice:
Introducing Standards-Based Curriculum

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the educational landscape and placed parents and caretakers into the position of supporting their children’s learning. Inanimate Alice inspires learning in and out of school. Readers young and old will find themselves drawn into Alice’s adventures as they experience the innovative nature of multimodal, digital reading. Reading becomes more like playing games as readers share Alice’s experiences and explore new countries and cultures. For families engaged in remote schooling, Inanimate Alice is more than just a digital story – it’s an opportunity for learning.

Inanimate Alice is an innovative, interactive tale unlike any other. Its multimodal construction invites meaning-making on many levels. Created for a new generation of readers, it is deeply engaging and is designed for the ways that today’s young people read, play, and think.

Inanimate Alice can help you create authentic, immersive literacy experiences for the young readers in your life. The journey starts here.

Inanimate Alice offers an across-the-curriculum approach to teaching and learning.
Multi-literacy in Inanimate Alice

A key feature of the text is the fact that Inanimate Alice has such a powerful female lead character whose situation demands that from an early age she must make her way in the world while learning not only to survive but to thrive in a technology-driven world. This makes it the ideal vehicle for teaching young people about empathy, citizenship and social responsibility, enabling them to become true global citizens in an age when the future of the planet depends on the skills and abilities of the new generation.

– Bill Boyd, Literacy Adviser

Teaching Moments

Kick Off
with Inanimate Alice

Leveling Up
with Inanimate Alice Most Popular!

Mind MapRICS framework

These professional development repositories provide flexible access to episodes, curriculum, and teaching recommendations that will help you apply Inanimate Alice in the classroom. The materials help you and your students join Alice on her adventures and experience life beyond the Ten Teaching Moments. This standards-aligned content will support you and your students as you investigate the rich tapestry that is multimodal storytelling. Alice's adventures take readers to exciting places around the globe. Graphic novel style stories take younger students to Australia. Colorful maps, paintings and sketches set the scene in South America and the Middle East. Here you will find fresh storylines and much more to engage your students and inspire their creativity.

This research-supported curriculum is aligned with MA standards and readily adaptable to all curricula for the brick-and-mortar classroom, home-schooling environments, and distance learning. Now, Inanimate Alice episodes that can be viewed directly within the browser.

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