Inanimate Alice - The Big City
Learning Resources

These resources have been written to provide teachers with starter activities and ideas relating to Episode One of Inanimate Alice. They are designed to offer a stimulus for interaction with the text, and to provide opportunities for teachers and learners to explore and develop aspects of literacy. The pack is designed primarily for use with learners aged 10-14, but may be adapted for older learners if they are being used to develop English as a second language. The principles with which they have been designed may also be adopted and used with other sections of the text and with the later episodes.

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Inanimate Alice - Starter Activities (PDF)
Inanimate Alice offers an across-the-curriculum approach to teaching and learning.
Multi-literacy in Inanimate Alice

"A key feature of the text is the fact that Inanimate Alice has such a powerful female lead character whose situation demands that from an early age she must make her way in the world while learning not only to survive but to thrive in a technology-driven world. This makes it the ideal vehicle for teaching young people about empathy, citizenship and social responsibility, enabling them to become true global citizens in an age when the future of the planet depends on the skills and abilities of the new generation."

– Bill Boyd, Literacy Adviser