Inanimate Alice - The Big City

Inanimate Alice is a fully immersive reading experience centered on the adventures of Alice, a girl who dreams of becoming a game designer. Students relate to Alice and her experiences - she is a dreamer and a world traveler who uses technology to make her dreams come to life. The multimodal, first-person format of the episodes encourages readers to become Alice. Alice is a 21st century story for every reader!

- Valerie Shinas, Digital Literacy Researcher

Curriculum Alignment

Read, Imagine, Create, Share (RICS)

Ideas Mindmap

Multimodal Literacy

Creative Inspiration

STEAM Pathway

Teaching Moments

Kick Off
with Inanimate Alice

Leveling Up
with Inanimate Alice Most Popular!

Mind MapRICS framework

These professional development repositories provide flexible access to episodes, curriculum, and teaching recommendations that will help you apply Inanimate Alice in the classroom. The materials help you and your students join Alice on her adventures and experience life beyond the Ten Teaching Moments. This standards-aligned content will support you and your students as you investigate the rich tapestry that is multimodal storytelling. Alice's adventures take readers to exciting places around the globe. Graphic novel style stories take younger students to Australia. Colorful maps, paintings and sketches set the scene in South America and the Middle East. Here you will find fresh storylines and much more to engage your students and inspire their creativity.

This research-supported curriculum is aligned with MA standards and readily adaptable to all curricula for the brick-and-mortar classroom, home-schooling environments, and distance learning. Now, Inanimate Alice episodes that can be viewed directly within the browser.

The Atlantic

"a book that blinks, buzzes, hums, sings, jitterbugs, plays games and on occasion, rains and snows..."


"welcome to the future of reading..."