Inanimate Alice - The Big City
How can we leverage the immersive nature of videogame worlds to engage young readers in the critical language, literacy, and technology skills they will need for the future?
To help realize our goal of providing every teacher and student with access to Inanimate Alice, a transdisciplinary team, the Inanimate Alice Research Group (IARG), has been established.
Where the series has been taught, researched, exhibited and awarded and where her journey continues. Join Alice along the way

My students have been so highly engaged and can’t wait to do more! They even wanted to know if they could do it at home, and that is unheard of in our school community!

Jill Reiner

Laurentian Senior Public, Ontario

I love the visual presentation and engaging activities that keep my Deaf students and reluctant readers so engrossed that they forget it is learning!!

Jenny Williamson

Henderson Mill Elementary School, Georgia

I love how the language is so supported by the graphics that even beginner English language learners can understand it!

Kerrilyn Thacker

Antwerp International School

I have been a massive fan of Inanimate Alice for almost 6 years now. It is the only resource that has travelled with me from Grade 6 to 7 to 8 and currently in Grade 2. A fantastic teaching tool.

Bryan Clancy

Valley Way Public School, Niagara Falls, Ontario

I want to praise @InanimateAlice for being THE best non-coding related educational tool I have ever used because of how it engages my students. Nothing quite like a character to lead them in.

Drew Buddie

ICT Co-ordinator, Royal Masonic School, UK

I am so proud of the students’ work but even more so, they are so proud and empowered. That, I think, is the greatest reward!

Cameron Steltman

Halton District School Board, Ontario