Create with Alice

Alice’s adventures have inspired students, teachers and all those who count Alice as their friend to create their own stories, art work, music and videos. You can see some fine examples in the adjacent gallery.

How would you see the world through Alice’s eyes? Paint Alice into the scenery close to home or take her on a journey far away.


Teachers, students, parents…..whoever you are, wherever you live, we welcome your contribution to widening Alice’s adventures. Already, we have seen students take Alice to places we would not have imagined when she first set out. Tell us your stories, paint those pictures. We will showcase the best in the Gallery.

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Kristal Doolin, Stephanie Mathews and Cameron Steltman have provided inspiring examples of what can be achieved in their classrooms.

If you would like to see your classroom featured in a similar way, please get in touch with us here:


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